Mercado Ferrando

In November 2017 we opened our first beer bar at Mercado Ferrando.

It has 22 beer cages and countless bottled beers being the bar with the most variety of beers in all of Uruguay.


At the end of 2017 we opened our Beach Bar in La Pedrera, Rocha.


Today we have more than 30 brands from all over the country with more than 50 styles of craft beers and another variety of industrial beers. Every day we are presented with new beer entrepreneurs so this is just beginning ...

Garden OPB

For us, one of the most beautiful and human acts of life is to share, a time, a drink, a pause. Something that further enhances this act is to share what we do ourselves, with our hands, with love and dedication.


Any step we take to take advantage of what we have around us, to take full advantage of what nature offers us, however small, is a step towards the right direction.


Everything that is handmade connects us with the natural, with a more leisurely and pleasant pace of life.

Today we invite you to smell the creativity, to taste our moments of inspiration, to travel through the taste and we hope that the art that we dump in your glass, will lead you to share more than a harmonious drink.


Welcome to OPB Garden


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